Branding / Marketing

Snhug is an upcoming brand that makes quality inner wear for kids, made with 100% combed cotton.

The logo draws its ingenuity from one of the distinct attributes of the brand; the use of 100% combed cotton. The threads coming together forming a rough circle builds the inherent composition of the identity, while the vivid colour palette lends a bright sunny vibe to it, symbolizing an innocent imperfection associated with everything a child does. These popping hues replicate all the fun, play and mischiefs an infant makes through in a day, in its inspiration, form and delivery.

The font brilliantly captures the essence of harmless childish scribbles. The personification of the letters "n" and "u" into the little boy and girl figures give the logo a fun and easy character. The overall brand quintessence and substance is stealthily represented through the crisp, interactive and quirky treatment of the logo. It is designed to resonate well with the kids through its friendly and interactive demeanour, and with the parents through a carefully thought yet effortless brand identity.