Rebranding / Collaterals

Kapsons is a multi-city fashion curator that has brought a significant number of global brands together and has made them accessible to the Indian consumers. Serving as a quality and trustworthy brand for three decades, Kapsons has achieved a remarkable feat in the fashion industry. To celebrate this milestone, the brand identity has been given a modern and comprehensive revamp.  The Primary logo is a character laden crest as a whole; a modern take on the vintage shield. 

Apart from the strong, bold and heroic use of the letter "K" in the middle, the dotted lines represent the stitch patterns that are very conspicuous in any kind of clothing, and the three stars signify the three successful decades of the brand. The classic feel of the pecan gold has influenced the choice of the illuminated gradient in the design as a tribute to the test of time that the brand has withstood. The name has been placed below the logo with the tagline that follows immediately.