Dromen & Co

Branding / Packaging / Social Media

As a beauty and personal care brand, Dromen & Co brought to the fore the eccentric non-toxic makeup and skincare paper along with an apothecary range that beautifully embodies the idea of healthy skincare for the modern woman.

Our concept is based on the word "Dromen" which in Dutch means dreams and aspirations. Taking a cue from a night full of dreams, we designed the brand identity essentially inspired by the different and recurring lunar phases. The aim was to represent the importance of a full circle of care, as their tagline says. The beautiful Suminogashi pattern also features in the design that accessorizes an edgy yet sophisticated look and adds a flowy and calming vibe to the visual.

Each product was assigned a different hue wherein the colour palette was kept understated and modern that seamlessly complemented the overall minimal design.